Hello, welcome to Last Man Standing. An old WoW community who likes GAMES, pretend to be PRO Players, team up with all our friends, talking about it and laughing on funny stuff and then sharing it on forums with many posts. Why don’t you join us now?

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Last Man Standing community:

In short, history of this community started all over a few years ago beginning at early 2006 :) A bunch of Slovak people were playing World of Warcraft together and while it was lot of fun running own guild, Last Man Standing on Tarren Mill EU server, we started to raid and team up with nice bunch of ppl around us. Community grew up and became more international than local one. During that time until present we made each other so many friends that WoW wasn't our only interest. We played together frequently, until we started to meet each other and made even closer relationship. Nowadays we play hard, we party hard, and we became known as Last Man Standing crew :) Who stayed until now is not only a loyal member, but a very nice person in real, and more a very decent player to have online fun with. If you are browsing these sites in interest about who we truly are, or some friends reported us, or you're a very old member looking for nostalgia pics from wow age where it all began, or you just got a luck and browsed in here, don't hesitate to visit our forums and leave us some message and maybe even try to apply and we accept you as a new member :) Once we used to say that we focus on dedication, loyalty and fun ppl with real gamming attitude. Indeed it is handy nowadays since we think that gamming is a real lifestyle, just we are not that hardcore anymore to not tolerate your slack in online match now. That's because skype or ts talks are much funnier than before :) And our future? As time goes by, we grew up also in real,some have kids, some have less time, but still we play games, have a lot of fun and every year we're planning a vacations where we meet once again.. and one never knows what will bind us again. Sounds intersting to you? Join us :)

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